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A More Personal Look

The Twenty One Lost Years

A father, husband and brother was taken from his family.

Growing Up Without Bro

I'm 36 years old, and married. Dewayne (I call him Bro) is my older brother by about 18 years and we have a sister who is about a year younger than he is. Our Mom is, well, older than us of course but that's all I can tell you age wise and still be a good son.

Dewayne has missed a lot in the past 21 years. He has missed watching his children grow up, their graduation from High School and their entrance into the world--just to name a few childhood events. He has missed watching our nephew grow up and graduate as well. He has missed watching me grow up and graduate too. He missed being best man at my wedding. He missed teaching us all how to hit a baseball or to throw a football. He missed holding Mom in his arms when she just needed a hug from her firstborn.

We have missed having him for all this too. It hurts the whole family to have him taken away like this. We can't visit him often because we just don't have the money to make the 300-500 mile trip to the prison. We at least get to hear his voice from time to time when he calls to let us know he is still trying or that the fight is getting him down. We sometimes hear the horror stories of prison life like the time an inmate stabbed him through the collar bone with a screwdriver--for no particular reason. . .

All this and what for? 21 years, OVER two decades, for a crime two other men have confessed to.

Thank You All For Your Encouragement Over the Years!